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Young Afghan Boy Meets his Idol

Last month 5-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi became an internet sensation after a photo of him surfaced playing soccer in a homemade jersey. Murtaza, who idolizes Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi, could not afford an official Messi jersey so he made one of his own. Using a striped bag, Murtaza donned his makeshift jersey and took to his field. Murtaza and his family are from the Ghazni province in Afghanistan, which is one of the most war-torn provinces in the area.

His older brother Jon Urbana, who made the jersey, said that the family could not imagine affording something like a Messi jersey which is why he made one for his brother. Homayoun is also responsible for uploading the now iconic photo of his brother playing in the homemade jersey.

That photo has captured the attention of his idol, according to the story on

The Afghanistan Football Federation has confirmed that officials for Messi have reached out to them to set up a meeting between himself and Murtaza. There has been no official confirmation yet, but it is rumored that Murtaza may even be flying to Spain for his once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Messi. A spokesman with the Afghanistan Football Federation has said that they plan on giving Murtaza a chance to tryout with the team when he is old enough as well.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Superstar Doctor with Hometown Charm

There are a number of top ranking doctors located within the state of Texas. These doctors cover a wide range of fields, including dentistry, ophthalmology, psychiatry, orthopedics and plastic surgery. There are a number of factors that go into the selection of a top ranking doctor. A doctor’s education and qualifications certainly play a part in determining how well the doctor will perform his or her duties. A good doctor is one who is also well received within the community where they practice. People who are pleased with a doctor’s performance are extremely likely to recommend the doctor to their family and friends.

A Doctor with Hometown Charm

When it comes to high ranking doctors with community appeal, no one fits the bill better than Dr. Jennifer Walden. As a hometown girl from Austin, Dr. Walden began her training by graduating with honors from the Texas University in Austin. She continued her education at the medical branch of the same university where she obtained her Medical Doctorate. Serving as president of the Texas Alpha Omega Medical Society was a stepping stone toward a role she would later obtain on the board of directors for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. After graduating with her Medical Doctorate, Dr. Jennifer Walden did her residency in New York City, which led to her own successful practice in the city of Manhattan.

As well received as she was in the big apple, Dr. Walden eventually made the choice to return to her roots in Austin. In under three years she successfully created a new practice in her hometown, where she and her family are surrounded by relatives. Dr. Walden has been described as a superstar doctor with hometown charm. As a professional in the medical field she is both calm and confident in dealing with her patients. Her natural warmth and understanding makes her a top doctor in the field of cosmetic surgery. She has been featured in several popular magazines including Austin MD and Harper’s Bazaar. Dr. Walden believes today’s woman can have it all encouraging young women entering the field of medicine to shoot for their dreams.