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The Rise Of National Steel Car Company Under Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz commonly known as Greg is the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. he is also chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Limited. The National Steer Car is a manufacturing company for freight cars. To be precise, it is an engineering manufacturing company. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949. He has studied at the Ridley College. Later he joined the University of Ontario where he studied a Degree in Economics.

Greg Aziz started his career working in a family business. It was a wholesale food business. It was known as Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods was a global importer of foods from Central America, South America, and Europe. It was mainly involved in the distribution of fresh foods in the United States and Canadian market.


In the 1990s Gregory J Aziz moved to the New York where he started working in the investment banking sector. In the year 1994, he bought the National Steel Car from a company called Dofasco. His aim was to revive this company and make it the leading railroad car manufacturer in the whole of North America. James Aziz wanted to make sure there was teamwork and that engineering brilliance was restored in the company. Greg Aziz made incredible investments in the company both in human source and capital investment. National Steel Car was able to expand its workforce base from 500 to 3500 in a year. At the same time, the total production of the company increased greatly. The company was able to raise the production numbers from about three thousand five hundred to twelve thousand five hundred every year.


Due to the continued dedication by Gregory Aziz and his team, they were able to steer the company to a level of growth where it is the largest company in the car innovation industry. It is also able to produce thousands of cars every year. In the whole of North America, it is the only railroad freight car manufacturer. It is ISO certified. It has also been awarded by the TTX SECO for its excellence in engineering. Greg James Aziz has been able to keep the company on a steady upward growth and being a leader in railcar manufacturing.


The company appreciates the Hamilton community and has a number of charity organizations through which he gives back to the community. The company has contributed to the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army among many more charity groupings. Learn More on this Page.


Eric Lefkofsky Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Focused on Cancer Treatment Efficiency

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diagnoses at nearly 40 percent. Information from the National Cancer Institute shows about 14.5 million Americans were living with cancer in 2014. This percentage is expected to rise with approximately 19 million people living with cancer in just ten years later by 2024. There are companies that are trying to reduce the numbers by helping change the prognosis like Tempus. This company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky to make it possible for data-enabled precision medicine.

Before Tempus there were problems with electronic health records in the healthcare industry and the firm has made it a goal to transform the way cancer care is delivered by developing a platform that analyzes the patient’s clinical and molecular data. The company developed analytics software, but it was the actual data that was a problem, so Tempus developed software that includes a natural language processing and optical character recognition capabilities. Then the physician’s notes could be transformed to data. The molecular data gathered can be processed in human genome sequencing. This can be essential in cancer patient treatment since research focuses on the molecular and cellular levels. The analysis software by Tempus can make fighting cancer and other diseases more effective. It also gives researchers hope that they can unlock the mysteries that can make advances in treating diseases like cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky entrepreneur and philanthropist along with the co-founder and CEO of Tempus technology company as well as the founder of Groupon. Mr. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, InterWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake and Chicago’s venture capital firm Lightbank.

Mr. Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan graduating with honors in 1991 and attended the University of Michigan Law School earning a Juris Doctor in 1993. In 1999 Lefkofsky and Brian Keywell started his first company. Mr. Lefkofsk joined Halo becoming the chief operating officer. By 2001 he co-founded InnerWorkings that by 2006 was listed on Nasdaq. Mr. Lefkofsky has taught at DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, North Western University Kellogg School of Management and currently is an adjunct professor at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He serves on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago Steppenwolf Theater Company.

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Why Our Prison Can’t Run Without Securus Technologies

My job working in the local prison is to ensure every person behind those walls is safe, and that includes guards, prison staff, visitors, and even the inmates. When we relax for even one second, those crafty inmates can acquire items that can put the entire prison population in serious harm’s way. We have come to rely on Securus Technologies to help us to keep the guards from doing anything illegal, which in turn keeps everyone that much safer.


We have come to trust Securus Technologies because not only have they been in business for years, their CEO Richard Smith, says his inmate monitoring system is unrivaled in the business. The motto of his company and the goal of all his employees is the same, to make the world we live a little safer. That is exactly what happens now that our facility has the inmate call monitoring system in place.


To give an example of how we use the call monitoring system to curb prison violence, we recently received an alert from the LBS software that lower-level gang members were reaching out to their street brothers to smuggle in weapons to be used on a rival gang member in jail. The lower lever gang members have little self-control,despite being warned by their superiors to not say anything on the phone, when their emotions get the best of them, the Securus Technologies call monitoring system alerts us of the trouble.


In this case, not only did we stop the weapons from getting into the hands of those inmates, we were able to arrest the street soldiers willing to try and smuggle contraband into the jail. Each time we take another thug off the streets, we make the city a little safer and send a message to the inmate population that things will no longer be tolerated in this jail.


Walmart Carries Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon

Beneful dog food is one of the best dog food brands. If you are looking for a great flavor of dog food with great nutrients for your dog then you should try Beneful Healthy weight with real salmon. This dog food was made to not only keep dog’s at a healthy weight but to also get dog’s to a healthy weight. It’s made with low calorie ingredients. Even though this dog food is low calorie it doesn’t take away the great taste of Beneful that your dog loves.

This brand of dog food is available at Walmart. Not only does Walmart carry the salmon version but it also carries many other Beneful products. Walmart is a one stop shop for Beneful dog food. If you are looking for a great tasting dog food filled with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins then this is the dog food for your pet.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Cosmetic Surgeon of Skill and Empathy

Raised in Austin, Texas, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden recently returned to her hometown after years of living and practicing her trade in Manhattan. After giving birth to twin boys, Walden wanted to raise them in Texas.

Because there is such a demand for plastic surgeons in Manhattan, Walden was a bit wary of setting up shop in Austin. However, she discovered that plenty of people in Austin, especially women, wanted cosmetic surgery. Walden performs breast augmentation, rhinoplasties, face-lifts and many other procedures.

Walden has a long history of success in her field. At the University of Texas, Galveston, she was the salutatorian of her class, and she went on to do a surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Subsequently, she set up her own thriving practice.

Walden is often asked why there are so few female cosmetic surgeons. She explains that this is in part because becoming a cosmetic surgeon requires years of residencies and advanced training sessions, and many young women do not wish to put off having children to complete them.

Despite the shortage of women in the field, however, she feels that her gender is an advantage when it comes to being a cosmetic surgeon because the majority of patients who choose to have cosmetic surgery done are female and are often more comfortable discussing their bodies with a female doctor.

Furthermore, as a woman herself who has experienced what childbirth does to the female body, Walden can emphasize with her patients. Walden believes that many male cosmetic surgeons believe that women are looking for “barbie doll” type of idealized appearance when they turn to cosmetic surgery when the reality is that most simply want to restore the appearance of areas of their bodies that are showing the effects of childbirth or aging.


Making an Event of Your Own

New York City is a huge place where all kinds of people can be found. Many people in the city thinks that planning an event without professional help is a hassle, which is why event planning companies in NYC are becoming in demand. Also, New York City is the headquarters of the majority of corporations in the United States, and each corporation is throwing their own parties and other kinds of events. Corporate event planners in NYC are benefiting from businesses who loves to party. For an average New Yorker, the cost to hire these professionals can be expensive, but there is a way for them to enjoy throwing a party without shelling out that much. All they have to do is to think that they can manage the event on their own, and do the following tips:

  • Make the planning simple – planning a simple event does not need to be stressful. Do not be intimidated at the task that has to be done.
  • Be organized – create a checklist for the event, so that nothing would be forgotten. Place a call to the goods and services that will be used for the event as well, and remind them of the time and date where the event will be taking place.
  • Think about an event theme – creating a theme for an event would make it more fun.
  • Create and send your own invitations – create your own invitations using available programs and send them via personal mail, e-mail, or through social media platforms.
  • Open a self-service bar – select a location inside the event’s place which can be transformed into a self-service bar for the guests.
  • Make a specialty cocktail – making one and offering it to the guests is a must.
  • Cook simple appetizers – appetizers do not have to be expensive. You only have to be creative on how it will be presented.
  • Provide a kid’s table – a table for kids would make a family oriented event more fun.
  • Simple setting – Events that are simpler turns out to be better.
  • Relax – never stress yourself in planning for an event. Relaxing is way better, helping you concentrate.
  • Small token for favors – never forget giving your guests take home favors as a sign of thanking them for coming into your event.

However, if you really need the help of a professional events planner, Twenty Three Layers is the most recommended one. They are with the business for several years, and have hosted a number of successful events around the city. Their team of creative minds would also make the event memorable and filled with enjoyment.

Twenty Three Layers can be contacted through their office in New York City, or alternatively, an email addressed to them can be sent. Twenty Three Layers is a premier event planning company in New York City that will surely help you turn the event of your dreams into reality.

The Journey Of Gregory Aziz: The CEO Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current president, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of National Steel Car. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer based in Hamilton Ontario. Here is a quick overview of the journey of this impressive business icon:


  1. Personal History


Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario London on 30th April 1949. He is married to a wonderful woman known as Irene, and both are active sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Fair, a popular agricultural Canadian event. Having started small, Greg has developed both as an individual and business person.


  1. Education


Greg has always prioritized on quality education. He is recorded to have attended and graduated from Ridley College. He decided to major in Economics and took the course at the Western Ontario University.


  1. Work History


In 1971, Greg James Aziz joined his family food business in New York. Over 16 years, the family company has developed as a leading global importer of fresh food products throughout America and Europe. Diversification has always been a part of Greg. During the course of running the family enterprise, Greg decided to invest in major financial opportunities around, just to earn extra. Having worked on multiple investment banking options between the 80s and 90s, Greg managed to buy National Steel from Dofasco. This was back in 1994, and ever since, the company has taken huge steps in the steel market.

The National Steel Company has over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. The brand has earned a great reputation in North America and beyond. As the CEO, Greg Aziz believes on a constant challenge. The organization is driven by a president that challenges everyone when it comes to results. He is able to set the standards high and follows them through. The company happens to be the only railcar company in North America that complies with ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements.


Boosting of the company’s powerful engineering qualities and huge investment, the brand has really expanded. Under the administration of James Aziz, the number of cars produced has increased over years. For example, the group produces 12,000 units of cars a year today as compares to 3,500 units back in 1999. Greg also focuses on creating more jobs. Over years, the rate has improved from 600 to 3,000 cases of employment over the operation period. Today, following relentless efforts by Greg, his manufacturing industry dictates the motor industry. You can only expect more in the years to come from Greg and Company. Visit This Site for more.


About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a disease prevention and wellness company based in Austin, USA. It was founded back in1993 by Timothy Philips and Colin Scully, with the aim of providing community- based health screening services for adults across the vast USA. The company is run privately and has kept growing rapidly to the extent that it has branches in the United Kingdom. So far, it has conducted over eight million health screenings since it was founded.

It aims to put people in the know of diseases that are not easily detectable, by offering screening services to the afflicted persons to seek medical care. They also provide medical advice to their clients.

Types of preventive health screening services provided

Life Line Screening provides three different kinds of preventive health screening services for their clients. These services are quite affordable, easy to carry out and are also conducted by highly trained specialists using state of the art laboratory equipment. All these measures are carried out in a bid to attain the most accurate results possible.

Ultrasound screenings

Ultrasound, also called sonography, is one of the techniques incorporated by Life Line. It involves the use of state of the art Doppler color flow ultrasound technology to produce accurate and dependable images. During this process, high-frequency sound waves are usually transmitted to the parts of interest in the body, and the returning echoes are recorded in the form of a picture.

Finger-stick blood screenings

This kind of screening is only provided in a few selected Life Line outlets. It is done mainly to test for risk factors for fatal ailments such as heart disease and diabetes. Finger-stick blood screening is carried out by pricking the finger in a bid to draw blood, which is then tested for the ailments as mentioned above using suitable equipment made purposely to carry out this function.

Limited electrocardiograph

The limited electrocardiograph preventive screening uses an EKG electrode to detect heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, a term known as an irregular heartbeat, blood clots, heart failure and other conditions. These increase the risk of a stroke. This screening is easy to conduct since no prior preparation is required, it is also non-invasive, and no removal of clothes is required.

Benefits of preventive care

It is imperative that we have our bodies checked from time to time even when we are enjoying the fullness of health. This proactive method helps us curb serious diseases that may be creeping up on us on time, by ensuring that they do not develop into full blown ailments that are difficult to cure.


Many people are aware that drug abuse, poor diet, lack of exercise and lifestyle changes have contributed greatly towards the development of some ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. And it is at this point, that Life Line Screening takes center stage by providing preventive screening to put you in the know of the state that your body is in. It helps detect ailments before they spread and cause harm to the body, enabling them to be treated timely.