Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Management. Reifler has more than 30 years of experience in the business.

Reifler graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. The following year, Reifler founded his first company; Reifler Trading Corporation. The Company was so successful that Refco eventually bought the company. Reifler managed Retco’s Institutional Sales Desk where he oversaw sales and execution of global derivatives, as well as creating custom investment programs for institutional and high net worth clients.

During this time, Reifler founded and served as the CEO of Pali Capital. Reifler led the company to over $200 million in profits, and opened offices all around the World. Reifler serves as Director at Symmetry Property Development LLC, as well as ITG Market Research, ROOT Exchange, and ITG Investment Research. Reifler also serves as an independent director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation. Reifler has served on many different boards, including Foresight Research Solutions and the European American Investment Bank. Reifler has spoken out about his passion for the world of investing. Reifler has appeared on Yahoo Finance and Reuters, among other outlets.

Currently, Reifler’s focus is on Forefront Capital. Due to a number of subsidiaries under the Forefront umbrella, Reifler is able to attract top investment advisers, bankers, and business leaders to the firm. Many of the opportunities available to the firm are primarily due to the networking of the community.

The latest venture from Reifler and Forefront Capital is the Forefront Income Trust. Due to the increasing wage gap between upper and middle class Americans, the Forefront Income Trust is focused on finance opportunities where higher yields are made to help reduce the risk that naturally comes with potentially high yielding investment products. They want to open up to the middle class, and really make things happen.