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Amicus Therapeutics: A Rare Company Dealing with Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics, founded in 2002, is a publicly traded company that is involved in the very important world of biopharmaceutical research. The NASDAQ trading symbol is FOLD and it opened its first office in Cranbury, New Jersey. The main focus of the company is on rare and orphan diseases. Within these diseases, Amicus Therapeutics focuses more on what is known as lysosomal storage disorders. The company concentrates on Chaperone-Advanced replacement therapies and also enzyme replacement therapies. By 2014, Amicus Therapeutics became arguably the most experienced in the industry as far pharmacological chaperones are concerned.

Amicus Therapeutics is in late stage development of migalastat, which is used to treat Fabry Disease. The reason behind the company’s decision to go forward with this type of treatment is because there are around 3000 people in the US alone who have been diagnosed with it. Fabry disease is a relatively rare disorder that is X-linked and inherited which causes lysosomal storage. The symptoms can start showing either at the early stages or later stages of the disease. However, migalastat can only be used on patients that have amenable genetic mutations. When the patient is ready to take it, it is prescribed as an oral medication.

Amicus Therapeutics is a little different compared to many other pharmaceutical companies in that they do not do any of the manufacturing themselves (Twitter). This part of the work is contracted out to other companies. The company recently opened a new research facility in San Diego California. The company has received numerous grants for medical research, such as $ 500,000 grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support studies done along with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Among other notable grants the company received was from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, a sum that totaled $210,300.

The CEO of Amicus Therapeutics is John F. Crawley who took over the helm back in 2005. In 2013, he headed the takeover of a rival pharmaceutical company Callidus Biopharma. Through this takeover, Amicus got access to the intellectual property rights to enzyme replacement therapy to treat Pompe disease.

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Osteo Relief Institute Provides Relief To Their Patients Suffering With Knee Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a well-known term used to describe joint pain or a joint condition overall. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis conditions, with more than 50 million adults that suffer from at least one type. Arthritis is most common in women and is more present with age. It is the nation’s leading factor for disability cases.


Among the many types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the type that occurs the most. Osteoarthritis is the deterioration of the soft tissue found between the joints, also known as cartilage. During the decline of the cartilage, bones start to rub together and cause a lot of pain, stiffness, and swelling. As time passes, bones become weaker and pain may become stronger. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis. However, there are several treatment options on the market to reduce joint pain in order to provide a quality of life that everyone deserves.

Risk factors include weight gain, family history, age, and a past injury. The impact of osteoarthritis can be reduced by following a daily routine of exercise and medical treatments. Daily routines involve light stretching before bed, maintaining movement while reading, working and watching TV, using multiple joints instead of one repeatedly, managing weight, not smoking, being easy on the body. Light exercising can also be extremely helpful.


There are many medical treatments that will provide pain relief for arthritis. They carry side effects when used for a long period of time. Skilled professionals can provide the positive and negative of using varies medications. It is recommended to invest in the best medical care and equipment in order to enjoy the highest quality of life possible for years to follow.



Osteo Relief Institute provides treatment options to treat conditions like osteoarthritis. They provide the best care to their patients through the most updated technology and advanced equipment ( The Osteo Relief Institute is able to locate the pain and provide the correct form of treatment.


The doctors at Osteo Relief Institute provide knee injections that are nonsurgical to combat osteoarthritis. They also provide knee strengthening exercises. Their goal is to help their patients stay healthy, active and live comfortably.


The team at Osteo Relief Institute believes that each patient deserves the option to try every available treatment before moving on to more aggressive procedures. The Osteo Relief Institute provides an introductory screening at no charge.


Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden-The Exceptional Cosmetic Surgeon.

There is nothing that is fulfilling than feeling good about yourself and being genuinely contented with your physic. Many people have features that make them feel uncomfortable with their bodies. Despite the many motivational talks that they may have heard, the feature still makes them feel inadequate. Such cases affect them and how they carry out their daily activities. Some of this individuals are aware of the surgery options, but they are not ready to get it done. The fear is as a result of surgeons gone wrong that they have had about, instilling the fear of getting unexpected results as well. For those who have had an encounter with Dr.Jennifer Walden, they have a different story, and it’s evident from the beautiful reviews the have pinned in her blog.

Dr.Jennifer Walden is described as a passionate doctor who wants the best for her patients. According to the reviews of her patients, they term her as not only a doctor but also a “girlfriend’’.Dr.Jennifer Walden mentors her clients before and after her surgery and ensures they feel good about themselves. Her mission is to encourage her clients to drop the fear and get the change now.

Dr.Jennifer Walden grew up in a very supportive family. Her parents ensured that she acquired her education. This is where the surgeon may have drawn her compassion from that she continues to spread. According to the reviews, the doctor is very attentive in her conversations with her patients which they say is helpful in the decision they make. Click here to know more.

Many of Dr. Walden’s patient’s sign with her as a result of the reviews they have heard from other patients who have benefited from her services. Some patients say they have to wait up to six months to get her services, but it’s worth it.

Cosmetic surgery is scary and deciding to have one is a big decision to make. However, for Texas residents, they are assured of successful surgeries from Dr. Jennifer Walden from the reviews of her patients that describe her as: capable, passionate and accurate.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Solid Stand

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Stand for the Truth and Much More – Check Out What Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Has Done and Continues to Do for His Beloved Mexico

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is one solid team player. He is one devoted expert. He is one committed newsman.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega knows how to deliver and only the best. He has seen the good. He has seen the bad.

Mexico and Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Dedication to Keeping It Healthy

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Grupo Televisa are pillars in today’s fight for presenting and preserving truth all throughout Mexico, and they are not the only ones out there who care about such an endeavor; in fact, many more people and news agencies are now taking a stand in attempts to bring back the good in Mexico’s economy, social standings, illegal immigration problems and so many other current tides of obstacles that have brought the country into peril after more than 30 years now – problems that have not been truly faced head-on but only allowed to further grow unchecked as a result. We reap and we sow, and with Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, it is no different: Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega looks at every story and angle on it before presenting anything to the media or the presses, and he expects every serious Mexican newsman to do the same. In fact, there is no room for lies or mistakes as they will cost the already struggling country more in turn, and that’s not what Noriega or his team wants. They want justice and mercy to prevail once more – for all.

Any a proud Mexican, whether one living in Mexico or outside, must support Noriega. He must stand. He must also vote.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Rock This House!

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a man with a plan, or at least that is what he is called by his local Mexican people: He is the man with the face that says “change and prosperity” for all things Mexico and even abroad as he has fought with the media sharks – many a time – and continues to live another day. This man’s many previous stories covered, along with his very own personal one in which he rose to the top of the media chain of importance, are some of the best to read or hear about altogether, and that says it all: This man has a special calling on his life to do great things for the good of the people, many of which he has already been doing for years. Yet, with every passing experience, he only grows more and more knowledgeable – not to mention respectable, handsome and fashionable, according to several Mexican ladies residing outside of Mexico City’s Distrito Federal.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero can hold well in any speech, argument, debate or discussion altogether and will present highly relevant points on any given subject matter in a short matter of seconds: This man has been trained in the books but knows them in his mind as if they were written on the back of his hand; he therefore does not refer to look at them much but nearly knows them all verbatim. This is an astounding skill for any modern leader to wield, one that can do much battle in the political arena as Viadero already well knows. He can hold his own with any media weapon though he has often noted that his favorite is the most simple one: the simple truth – give the people what they want, which is the truth.

The Outstanding Career and Charity work of Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson is a renowned finance expert who has been in his career for the past 25 years. He has had an opportunity to act as the president of one of the country’s leading charter financial institutions. Autterson is a graduate of the Michigan State University where he received his degree in finance in 1980. He also enrolled at the University of Denver to study graduate tax program.

Autterson kicked off his career by working for First Trust Corporation, which is among the units of Fiserv. In 1982, he left the firm and worked with a small team that started a state-chartered trust company in Colorado State. The business was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., which is a financial service enterprise that is based in New York. Mathew was appointed as the president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. In 1989, the firm and many other Integrated Resources, Inc. assets were acquired by Broad Inc, which was later transformed to become SunAmerica, Inc. In 1998, AIG acquired SunAmerica for $18 billion.

Fiserv acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG in May 2001. Before the transaction, Resources Trust Company was recognized for being among the country’s biggest state-chartered depository trust enterprises that are FDIC-insured. The company offered custodial and depository solutions to over 200,000 customers who were referred by more than 15,000 licensed financial consultants. Resources Trust Company owned custodial assets that were valued at more than $20 billion, deposits worth $1 billion, and was served by about 700 employees.

Mathew Autterson currently acts as a member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems’ board of directors. The company has been representing philanthropic interests of the finance expert. Falci Adaptive is a charity organization that is devoted to assisting people who suffer from neuromotor disabilities by enabling them to improve their abilities to interact with their environment. Autterson has sat on the boards of organizations such as the Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Zoological Foundation, and the Denver Zoo. The Denver Hospice appointed him to act as the chairman of its board of directors. He was once a member of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization.

The finance expert currently serves of CNS Bioscience, Inc. as its CEO, president, and a board member. The company was established in 2013 by Scott Falci who is its managing director. CNS Bioscience is a fast rising clinical-stage drug development firm, and it has specialized in neuropathic pain. Mathew is recognized in the Greater Denver for his excellent skills in finance and wealth management.

Louis Chenevert Charting the Course for UTC’s Current Success

Gregory Hayes, Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, recently reflected back on what has led to the company’s continued success in the building and aerospace sectors. Building on the legacy of former CEO Louis Chenevert, the company continues to focus on innovation and on investment in its people.

Chenevert, who came up through prominent roles at General Motors and at Pratt & Whitney, stepped into the CEO role in 2006. He led the company through the 2008 recession, creating the textbook case of a manufacturing company that could succeed and thrive despite an overall downturn in the sector.

Under the Quebec native’s leadership, UTC generated twice the average Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 shareholder return from 2003 to 2013. By the time he stepped down as CEO in 2016, UTC had solidified its reputation for excellence and innovation.

In the CEO role, Chenevert focused the importance of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. Under Hayes’ leadership, the company continues to drive forward with new products, such as the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. UTC’s $10 billion investment in this project has paid off with more than a dozen airlines adopting the new technology. Pratt & Whitney’s innovations alone support manufacturing jobs in six states and have supply and service chains that stretch even further. Almost $40 billion has been directed to U.S.-based suppliers, who provide the majority of the new engine’s parts.

Investment in human capital has been a focus for both CEOs. Chenevert sustained the highly popular Employee Scholar Program, which supports employees who want to continue their education. Employees have earned nearly 40,000 degrees through this program in the last 20 years, bringing new ideas, energy, and innovation to UTC.

Investing in new talent is a priority for UTC, with plans to bring onboard more than 20,000 new employees in the U.S. And as a global business, UTC keeps an eye out for smart investments and partnership abroad. Following Chenevert’s lead, though, the business keeps its focus at home as it works to encourage a healthy domestic business and regulatory environment that will ensure UTC’s success in the future.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Giving Amazon Real Competition

Amazon has not had any real competition in the online clothing market for year. To that point, there are thousands of clothing companies in that same space all trying to acquire the same customer, and Amazon is comfortably netting 20 percent of all the sales. One clothing company has been emerging from the pack and trying to give Amazon some real competition, just look at the $250 million in sales that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold in women’s active-wear. If those numbers continue to grow, it may start getting crowded at the top.


Hudson is not shy about talking to the success of her athleisure brand, she credits this explosive growth to her reverse showrooming sales technique and the very rewarding membership plan she offers loyal customers of Fabletics. Taking a look at how things play out inside the Fabletics store in the mall, we see shoppers who are trying on all the workout apparel, taking the Fabletrics lifestyle quiz, and simply window-shopping with no pressure from sales associates. In fact, many of these shoppers trying on the latest in active-wear will leave the store buying nothing. How can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sustain those incredible sales numbers if they allow shoppers to leave empty-handed?


The answer is the key to the ultimate success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. These shoppers will return to buy online, and when they visit the Fabletics e-commerce store, something incredible happens. As a member, each and every item you tried on inside the store at the mall has been instantly uploaded to the member’s account. Now since the clothing has been tried on, the concern about sizing has now been eliminated from the equation. These shoppers are now looking at a much larger inventory and filling the online shopping cart with everything from leggings, tank tops, to yoga pants.


As a member of Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics, you get more than the ability to shop your store purchases online, you are also rewarded with free shipping for online orders, discounts on all workout apparel, and even your very own personal shopping assistant. Your assistant helps by selecting one item each month they think you may enjoy, and they base that choice on your lifestyle quiz answers. Amazon offers discounted shipping if you want to pay $80 for a Prime membership. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is rewarding shoppers with multiple perks that are getting these female shoppers excited about buying their workout apparel online again.

Rocketship Education Propels Kids to Better 4-Year Universities

San Jose used to be one of the biggest beacons of hope in the US for prosperity and the ideal “American Dream” according to a recent article in the Atlantic. The article cited a study which Harvard University released in 2014 in conjunction with the University of Calfornia (Berkley). This study found that children growing up in poverty during the 1980s throughout the city of San Jose ended up being more affluent later in life. Their affluence was on par with those children in Canada or Denmark at that time. San Jose sadly is having a harder time getting children that are growing up in poverty today to become more prosperous later in life as those who were in rougher spots back in the 1980s or before!

In recent years the pricing of housing has skyrocketed and the regions poor have become more segregated and are having problems even affording basic necessities that are needed to live a healthy, happy life. Many middle-class jobs have disappeared and they are really struggling to make ends meet or to even find menial jobs to help pay the bills. Many people have been pushing for the past 15 years to flip the script by providing stronger schools to the children of the inner city of San Jose who may be more impoverished than their suburban peers. There are many children now from that program that were in first grade when it started that is becoming the first in their families to go to 4-year Universities proving that this is the result of an excellent educational opportunity in a stronger education system.

Rocketship Education is one such group of charter schools that are working with communities and the local populations as they have opened an entire network of 25 high-performing public charter schools that teach in both English and Spanish and put learners on the path to college. This has all grown in low-income communities since the first school opened back in 2007. Studies have shown that according to CREDO that children attending these Rocketship Education schools were able to add a month to their reading level every year they attended the charter school program. This is true for even children who spoke Spanish as a first language and even if they lived in poverty. Rocketship Education provides a personalized learning platform shared with another school across the country and everyone collaborates with other schools to build strong programs that will benefit the children for years to come.

Eric Lefkofsky works to make sense of human genome

In the mid-’90s, a revolution in cancer therapy swept through the field like wildfire. The so called targeted therapies began coming on scene. These drugs and treatments regimens promised to all but eliminate the horrible side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Since then, they have made real progress in allowing oncologists to specifically attack malignant cells, leaving healthy cells alone. This has led to the development of many new drugs, with the promise to radically increase the survivability of certain types of cancers.

Today, a new revolution is taking place in cancer treatment. Like the targeted therapy revolution, this new wave of innovation promises to dramatically increase survivability, while all but eliminating the collateral damage that so often accrues to those undergoing cancer treatment. This new revolution in cancer therapy involves the customization of treatment regimes, using mind-blowingly sophisticated means of automated, real-time analysis to tailor drugs and treatment course directly to individual patients’ needs.

One man, Eric Lefkofsky, is at the center of this new revolution in cancer treatment. Through his company, the recent startup Tempus, he seeks to take the vast troves of unparsed data, which are quickly expanding, due to the ability of cheap human genome sequencing, and connect all of the relevant dots.

Many people don’t realize how blunt even the most cutting-edge cancer treatments often are today. Within cancer types, there is little distinction between patient cohorts. A patient who is diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer is likely to receive essentially the same treatment as everyone else with the same diagnosis. But Tempus is about to change all of that.

Using high-tech machine learning algorithms, Tempus is taking vast amounts of genomic, research and medical record data and combining them to give oncologists and more complete and better-informed clinical picture of not just the patient’s disease but the treatment regimens that are most likely to maximize that patient’s survival. Through the use of this system, Lefkofsky believes that, someday soon, it will be possible to devise a totally custom treatment program, tailored to each individual patient. This could double or even triple average survival times in the next five to ten years.

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