About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a disease prevention and wellness company based in Austin, USA. It was founded back in1993 by Timothy Philips and Colin Scully, with the aim of providing community- based health screening services for adults across the vast USA. The company is run privately and has kept growing rapidly to the extent that it has branches in the United Kingdom. So far, it has conducted over eight million health screenings since it was founded.

It aims to put people in the know of diseases that are not easily detectable, by offering screening services to the afflicted persons to seek medical care. They also provide medical advice to their clients.

Types of preventive health screening services provided

Life Line Screening provides three different kinds of preventive health screening services for their clients. These services are quite affordable, easy to carry out and are also conducted by highly trained specialists using state of the art laboratory equipment. All these measures are carried out in a bid to attain the most accurate results possible.

Ultrasound screenings

Ultrasound, also called sonography, is one of the techniques incorporated by Life Line. It involves the use of state of the art Doppler color flow ultrasound technology to produce accurate and dependable images. During this process, high-frequency sound waves are usually transmitted to the parts of interest in the body, and the returning echoes are recorded in the form of a picture.

Finger-stick blood screenings

This kind of screening is only provided in a few selected Life Line outlets. It is done mainly to test for risk factors for fatal ailments such as heart disease and diabetes. Finger-stick blood screening is carried out by pricking the finger in a bid to draw blood, which is then tested for the ailments as mentioned above using suitable equipment made purposely to carry out this function.

Limited electrocardiograph

The limited electrocardiograph preventive screening uses an EKG electrode to detect heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, a term known as an irregular heartbeat, blood clots, heart failure and other conditions. These increase the risk of a stroke. This screening is easy to conduct since no prior preparation is required, it is also non-invasive, and no removal of clothes is required.

Benefits of preventive care

It is imperative that we have our bodies checked from time to time even when we are enjoying the fullness of health. This proactive method helps us curb serious diseases that may be creeping up on us on time, by ensuring that they do not develop into full blown ailments that are difficult to cure.


Many people are aware that drug abuse, poor diet, lack of exercise and lifestyle changes have contributed greatly towards the development of some ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. And it is at this point, that Life Line Screening takes center stage by providing preventive screening to put you in the know of the state that your body is in. It helps detect ailments before they spread and cause harm to the body, enabling them to be treated timely.