The Manse on Marsh is a facility that basically bridge the gap between the independent living and the nursing home facilities. The company’s facilities are located at San Luis, Obispo California. It is the leading family care facility on the central coast devoted at offering life-enriching, compassionate and independent assisted living.

Normally, providing care an elderly member of the family can be tough especially for those employed. However, at Manse on Marsh, our clients are offered advantageous care with respect to the following consideration;


At Manse on Marsh, their assisted homes are equipped with safety equipment including medical alerts systems and shower railings to ensure that they are alerted on any security issue affecting their clients. Their staff are always on site both during the day and night to respond to any kind of emergency swiftly and effectively.

Physical and social stimulation

A lot of seniors will prefer living in an assisted home where there are plenty of stimulating activities. Manse on Marsh provide an array of enriching social interactions and activities among them including happy hours, entertainments, outings around the beautiful streets of San Luis Obispo, art classes, and high tea, just to keep their community engaged and in togetherness. The company also boast a fitness center as well as a private theatre where elderlies can maintain their physical fitness and engage their minds respectively.

Daily Living Assistance

Many seniors’ wants require help with their routine living activities like bathing, eating and dressing. Considering that such responsibilities can put a strain on to the family of the elderly, Manse on Marsh are lucky to have compassionate caregivers who will assist the seniors with these activities, so they can have time to spend and enjoy with their family.

Cooking, Cleaning and Transportation

Routine chores such as landscaping, cleaning, cooking, attending doctor’s appointments, planning meals or adhering to a prescription are some of the responsibilities that fall upon the shoulders of the elderly families at their home. What Manse on Marsh do is lift the weight off the elderly’s family shoulders by offering such at convenience. The company have basically alleviated stress on families by providing seniors with a healthy, active enjoyable and stimulating lifestyle.  If you don’t believe me, read the Yelp reviews for The Manse on Marsh.