The power of the internet simply put is just amazing. It has led revolutions and initiated changes affecting entire nations of the world and just recently three racism propagators; Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin Van Vurem, felt its wrath in Cape Town. Their racist tweets, aimed at the black South Africans landed on the vigilant eyes of Woke Twitter that nationalized them creating an online buzz about them that prompted the National authorities to institute charges against them.

What is woke twitter?

Woke Twitter is a faceless online movement in South Africa that calls on its members to remain conscious and vigilant of the online activities of different individuals. The movement mobilizes social media users to take actions on any form of online injustice or impunity or perpetuated against the South Africans. It is a replication of international conscious movements all over the world such as the #blacklivesmatter in the United States. To achieve this, the movement creates trending hashtags and circularizes screenshots.

On this particular case, Woke online activists captured screenshots of some racist remarks made by the three individuals and sought to bring them to the limelight. This has had dire consequences on the three as the South African state has accused them of infringing on the liberty of the South Africans by injuring their right to human dignity. Consequentially, Hart has lost his job as the Standard Bank South Africa analyst following this expose.

Brenda’s analysis of the situation

Giving her thoughts on the matter, Brenda Wardle believes that the accused can be lawfully arrested and charged with infringement of the dignity rights of the black South Africans. She further explains that the three can be charged with misuse of their limited freedom of expression and speech as well as intentionally causing injurious damage to the limitless human right to dignity. She regards their remarks as reckless and punishable under the South African laws.

Brenda Wardle is a law scholar and famed law analyst in South Africa and internationally. She has analyzed prominent cases both at the local and international level for various news and media agencies including BBC and CNN. She is the current Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College in Johannesburg.

Brenda Wardle is author of To Kill A Fragile Rose