There is a crisis brewing on the horizon, and the name though synonyms with destruction is called unregulated internet. The media hurricane started to gather strength as more people found they could create unsubstantiated libel, and publish it on the internet without repercussion. In addition, media articles caught out of context may be grossly enlarged and planted on the web for the sole purpose of destroying someone’s reputation. The storm, the biggest of its kind covers the whole globe. The media libel is not only text, but photos and images.

Keep in mind that one singularity, as an example, a split-second embarrassing mishap could be captured by an anonymous onlooker’s cell phones, downloaded to the internet, and published on the worldwide web creating a viral media sensation and completely annihilation one’s livelihood. The sheer magnitude of repeat publications all over the internet is staggering. An article could be picked-up by bloggers, e-magazines, and online news agencies and republished many times over. One could be notoriously infamous in a blink of an eye. Loss of job, loss of anonymity, being the butt of jokes, could cause and “does” cause such emotional turmoil that some have committed suicide. Let it be emphasized that human resource managers do access the internet and social media. As routine HR business policy, internet background checks are done with or without directly disclosing the policy to potential job candidates.

As a result, one person has made it his vocation to address these larger than life issues of defamation, vilification, and malicious gossip. Darius Fisher, president and cofounder of Status Labs is the man that has become the storm weather tracker of negative digital hurricanes. He is a reputation readjustment manager and a digital emergency repair kit for aftermath of the storm.

According to PRWeek, Darius Fisher has amassed over a thousand clients all over the globe. He helps public officials, as well as business tycoons. He is now speaking out and says digital media needs supervision because of it hyper volatility. He also provides data management tools to hunker down before the storms, survival techniques during the storm, and aftermath clean-up.

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