Dondero Jim is a qualified and registered accountant who offers quality and affordable services to financial institutions. Executive James Dondero has been providing his accountancy services in the financial industry for more than ten years. He has led to the growth of many financial institutions. Executive James holds a degree in accountancy and finance administration. He started his career at NexBank where he served for more than six years.

Jim Dondero is a famous investor who made a significant impact on the Long/Short Healthcare department. His commitment and dedication have made him earn recognitions and awards from various organizations. Executive Dondero currently serves as the senior board chairperson of NexBank. Apart from investments, Sir James Dondero also serves as the Chief Officer of HCM. Dondero’s quality governance has led to the achievements and the evidenced success of Highland Capital Management.

According to, executive James Dondero made a release explaining his views of the United States stock market. In the liberation, it was clear that the third quarter of 2015 stock market did not favor many investors. Dondero implied that the investors should be careful when bidding stocks. In his views, investors should consider purchasing secure stocks in the stock exchange.

He added that substantial assets brought about positive returns regarding dividends as compared to weak stocks. The attitude of investors shifts regarding the Company’s success. The publication outlined that companies that perform better in the stock market are in a better position to encounter more investors subscribing to their protection from stiff competition. Watch him and his staff ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.

Lowering of commodity prices was experienced in the 2015 third quarter. The months of August, September, and October did not favor the investment exercise. The fourth quartile, however, did not shift the attitudes of the investors as there were no significant changes evidenced. Investors engaged in the stock market activities by risking their worry and bidding for more stocks. The newly bought stocks acted to boost the existing shares. OpenĀ to receive further information.

2015 stock market experienced a shift of attitudes from optimism nature to an evidenced worry. The investors assume that conducive environment to conduct business results to a higher potential of dividends and returns. The stock market analysts recommend the current time to be the best time to stake high in the stock exchange. The analysts viewed the New Year as a success of the United States stock exchange investors.