The home selling process in this country has long been established. People sell houses in a specific way. They put a house on the market with the help of a real estate agent. The house goes on the market and then enters into the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. Once the house is put into the MLS, buyers can see all the details about the house including how long the listing has been on the market. Real estate professional Gregory Hague feels this process is not helpful at all to sellers. In his view, the MLS can actually hurt the seller rather than help them sell a house.

As Greg Hague tells Forbes Magazine, the process means that any given buyer can see how long the house has been on the market. Once a house has been on the market for even as little as a month, the house may be perceived in a very negative light. Buyers may see a house that has remained on the MLS as a house that will not be a good house to buy. As Hague points out, this can lead to all kinds of problems for seller. Such problems may include a lingering mortgage that the seller does not want to pay and all kinds of fiscal problems because the seller is unable to unload the house and move somewhere else.

Hague wants to upend this process and turn the process upside down. In his view, the biggest problem is that real estate agents have not done what they need to do in order to help generate new excitement about any given property. He knows that agents are not always thinking outside of the market and keeping up with the times. This is why he and his company, Real Estate Mavericks, propose a new way to look at the real estate market. He knows that the aim of any agent should be to help sellers avoid the problem that may be as a result of lingering on the market.

He and his team of happy agents look to show real estate agents how they can use the world of publicity to help them bring a property to market and help connect with buyers who are looking to buy as soon as possible. They aim to start showing off a property as soon as possible. The real estate agent needs to bring buyers to the property who are going to see it in a new light. In doing so, they can help generate excitement and push the sale to a group of buyers who are helped to see the property as desirable and ideal for their needs. This impressive method has worked for Hague’s agents.