Keith Mann is widely known as a huge supporter of education. He spends his professional career time matching up individuals who portray a potential in business leadership with companies in need of such qualities. In a bid to inspire an upcoming generation of creative business executives, he and his wife, Keely, were reported by the BusinessWire to have come up with a scholarship to acknowledge leadership qualities. The award is dubbed as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

The Uncommon Schools, which are non-profit schools under charter management, became the official beneficiary for the award. Consequently, the award targets a single graduate from of the numerous Brooklyn-based character high schools.

Keith Mann proclaimed that he initiated the scholarship in an effort to promote the continuous effort by the Uncommon Schools to provide education to students from low-income families. Uncommon Schools not only prepare their students to go to college but also to graduate and proceed into their desired professional career. The School through its counselor, Joe Frick, expressed gratitude for the generous initiative since it would allow a single student access college education for four years.

The 2016 graduating seniors from the Uncommon Schools were encouraged to apply for the scholarship by writing an essay comprising of a thousand words. The essay was required to give a detailed overview of how attaining a degree would influence the achievement of professional objectives.

The first eligible candidate for the generous scholarship was expected to be awarded the $5000 award before April 2016.The money would be utilized in paying the tuition fee for the winner.

Keith Mann is a professional in the executive search business. Companies or firms highly sought for his services in identifying individuals who possess the potential of becoming business executives in future after proper nurturing. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners. Before rising to this position, he established the Alternative Investment Practice as a subsidiary of the Dynamic Executive Search. This was after noting that the hedge fund sector was underserved by the executive search business. Upon venturing into the hedge fund industry, he established the Dynamic Search Partners in 2009.

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