The billionaire power brokers of the republican party, the Koch brothers, have had a long time at the head of the country. Charles Koch says that the influence on politicians with donations may not be as strong as it was in previous years. Charles Koch was interviewed by The Financial Times and he stated his concerns about the republican presidential candidate hopefuls Donald J Trump and Ted Cruz. His issues are loud and clear. He does not agree with the policies that either of the presidential candidates are presenting.

“I think the country has urgent needs, and aren’t being addressed” says Charles Koch. Charles Koch is the 80 year old chairman of Koch Industries. He says that Trump’s plan to ban foreign Muslims from the country in unethical and completely goes against american values. He feels that by doing so will eliminate our free society.

Koch industries have provided over $900 million in non profit political donations “super PAC’s”. Donald Trump is running a self-financed campaign and calls the other politicians puppets.

Charles Koch is an american businessman and philanthropist. He has a net worth of $44.3 billion. As one of the most wealthiest man in the world, Charles Koch has funded a number of conservative presidential campaigns. His company Koch Industries is worth over $80 billion dollars making his family very powerful. Charles Koch supports a number of free-market educational institutes such as George Mason University, the Mercatus Center and he also co-founded the Washington, DC based Cato Institute.

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