San Jose used to be one of the biggest beacons of hope in the US for prosperity and the ideal “American Dream” according to a recent article in the Atlantic. The article cited a study which Harvard University released in 2014 in conjunction with the University of Calfornia (Berkley). This study found that children growing up in poverty during the 1980s throughout the city of San Jose ended up being more affluent later in life. Their affluence was on par with those children in Canada or Denmark at that time. San Jose sadly is having a harder time getting children that are growing up in poverty today to become more prosperous later in life as those who were in rougher spots back in the 1980s or before!

In recent years the pricing of housing has skyrocketed and the regions poor have become more segregated and are having problems even affording basic necessities that are needed to live a healthy, happy life. Many middle-class jobs have disappeared and they are really struggling to make ends meet or to even find menial jobs to help pay the bills. Many people have been pushing for the past 15 years to flip the script by providing stronger schools to the children of the inner city of San Jose who may be more impoverished than their suburban peers. There are many children now from that program that were in first grade when it started that is becoming the first in their families to go to 4-year Universities proving that this is the result of an excellent educational opportunity in a stronger education system.

Rocketship Education is one such group of charter schools that are working with communities and the local populations as they have opened an entire network of 25 high-performing public charter schools that teach in both English and Spanish and put learners on the path to college. This has all grown in low-income communities since the first school opened back in 2007. Studies have shown that according to CREDO that children attending these Rocketship Education schools were able to add a month to their reading level every year they attended the charter school program. This is true for even children who spoke Spanish as a first language and even if they lived in poverty. Rocketship Education provides a personalized learning platform shared with another school across the country and everyone collaborates with other schools to build strong programs that will benefit the children for years to come.