Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a man with a plan, or at least that is what he is called by his local Mexican people: He is the man with the face that says “change and prosperity” for all things Mexico and even abroad as he has fought with the media sharks – many a time – and continues to live another day. This man’s many previous stories covered, along with his very own personal one in which he rose to the top of the media chain of importance, are some of the best to read or hear about altogether, and that says it all: This man has a special calling on his life to do great things for the good of the people, many of which he has already been doing for years. Yet, with every passing experience, he only grows more and more knowledgeable – not to mention respectable, handsome and fashionable, according to several Mexican ladies residing outside of Mexico City’s Distrito Federal.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero can hold well in any speech, argument, debate or discussion altogether and will present highly relevant points on any given subject matter in a short matter of seconds: This man has been trained in the books but knows them in his mind as if they were written on the back of his hand; he therefore does not refer to look at them much but nearly knows them all verbatim. This is an astounding skill for any modern leader to wield, one that can do much battle in the political arena as Viadero already well knows. He can hold his own with any media weapon though he has often noted that his favorite is the most simple one: the simple truth – give the people what they want, which is the truth.