Trusted advisor and brand building company, the Meriwether Group, works with entrepreneurs by making business accelerator services available across the board.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon and with an office in San Francisco, the company’s services entail consulting, branding, licensing, creating marketing strategies, international expansion as well as financing.

The team at Meriwether Group include legal experts, corporate professionals, financiers as well as entrepreneurs who work with their clients throughout the entire process.

The company, which looks on entrepreneurs as heroes in the business world, is led by its founder and chief executive David Howitt who is joined by his son, Sawyer Howitt.

Currently a Lincoln High School senior and following in his father’s footsteps, Sawyer Howitt’s skills already take in research, business development and analysis as well as project management working with both small and large businesses.

The active 17 year-old initially functioned as a business strategy advisor for the company where he developed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) checkout solutions for retail enterprises. His exceptional work gained him a promotion to project manager earlier this year.

Despite his age, Sawyer’s varied and wide-ranging experience has helped him understand a businesses operational and financial needs as well as a connection to the consumer. He has worked in various internships and at Kure Juice bars where he learned the importance of customer service and has volunteered as a math and science tutor.

Howitt is also involved in a variety of philanthropic activities that include educational funding and women’s rights. In addition, he has guided international ethnic studies groups and lent a hand to troubled youth.

He is well known for his participation in racquetball.

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